Fundraising Tips

Help create your own victory for a veteran by following some of these helpful fundraising tips below.

Follow these steps to ensure your challenge will make an impact in helping our nation's heroes.

Set a Goal & Stay on Track
Be sure to set a fundraising goal on your profile page. Your family and friends will be more likely to sponsor you if they know you have a personal goal.

Don’t be afraid to be ambitious! Having a goal in mind will give you something to work for and keep you on track.

And if you raise $250 you'll receive a FREE DAV Camelbak water bottle!

Where to Start
Don't know where to begin? Don’t worry! You're participating in DAV’s Victories for Veterans Challenge because you have a passion for supporting our nation’s heroes. People are more likely to donate to you if they understand why you’re participating and why DAV is important to you. Do you have a story to tell? Has DAV personally influenced your life or someone if your family? Are you a veteran or a family member of a veteran? We’ll give you the platform to tell your story so you can connect with potential supporters.

Customize Your Profile Page
Your profile page is your chance to tell your story of why you are participating in the Victories for Veterans Challenge and to promote your personal challenge. Create a profile pic using our meme generator or choose to create a digital honor bib, allowing you to pay tribute to a veteran close to your heart.

The more you personalize and customize your profile page to make it your own, the more effective it will become in helping you reach your goals.  Tell your story, upload your photo and keep your sponsors updated throughout your challenge to share your journey.

Log in now to customize your profile page.

Get the Word Out
The number one rule in fundraising….just ask!  Start with yourself. Make the first donation to kick off your fundraising campaign to get your momentum going. Then ask everyone you know to support your efforts in creating the next victory for a veteran! You will be surprised to see who will sponsor you and donations can come from many places.

By sharing your personal story and the goal you hope to achieve by participating in this campaign you will be more likely to get people to sponsor you.

If you don’t ask, how will people know to support you?

Get Social
All social channels can help boost your efforts, but Facebook is best equipped to help you reach your goals and to market your efforts to family and friends.

Here are some easy ways to use Facebook for your challenge:

  • Customize your Facebook profile. Upload your very own personalized profile pic and timeline image to tell everyone about your challenge! Find some profile pics to download to help you promote the campaign on our resources page.
  • Post regular status updates. Post updates at least once per week during the challenge through your Facebook page to communicate your personal progress to your friends and family. It’s always a good idea to include a link to your personal profile page.
  • Send a personal message. Send a personal message via Facebook Messenger to ask family and friends directly for their support!

Send an Email
Send an email to your friends, family and co-workers to tell them about your participation in the Victories for Veterans Challenge!

We have some prewritten email templates for you to use to make it easy for you to send out.  Check out our resources page to view some of our email templates.

Hang Posters
We have a variety of posters for you to put up at your school, workplace, and around the community on our resources page. Spread to word about your goal of creating your own victory for a veteran!