The Challenge

We’re on a mission to empower America's veterans to lead high-quality lives with dignity and respect, but we need your help. Veterans face a number of challenges every single day – big and small. Just last year, in the land they served to protect...

  • Over 37,000 American veterans were homeless.
  • Approximately 7,300 American veterans died by suicide.
  • And 326,000 American veterans were unemployed.

What if we told you the steps you take everyday could support veterans and their families? That by simply logging the miles you walk, run or ride, you could fuel services that connect veterans to the health care, education, and financial benefits they’ve earned? When you accept the Victories for Veterans Challenge, you’re taking matters into your own hands. Every mile you go and every dollar you raise goes toward DAV’s free services that help over a million veterans in life-changing ways every year.

How it works

Once you sign up we’ll ask you to set two goals: a fitness goal to walk, run or ride all the miles you can, and a fundraising goal to raise as many dollars as possible. 85 cents of every dollar you raise goes directly toward DAV’s programs and services! In just a few steps, you’ll have your very own fundraising page where you can easily track your progress or sync to your favorite fitness device. You’ll be able to share your activity with friends and family to raise money and awareness for disabled veterans. Never fundraised before? No problem! We’ll be with you every step of the way with tips and tricks.

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Sign up and set a goal

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Raise money

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Run, Walk, Ride

Track your progress

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Include #Victories4Vets on all your posts, photos and videos from your challenge.

Bobby Body overcame the loss of his leg to a roadside bomb in Iraq to become a champion powerlifter. - "My Victory was finding the strength to be a champion."

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